Editeur associé recherché pour la revue The Quantitative Methods for Psychology

La revue The Quantitative Methods for Psychology (TQMP.org, ISSN: 2292-1354, doi prefix 10.20982) est à la recherche d’un éditeur associé ou d’une éditrice associée, débutant le 1er mars 2017 pour un mandat de trois ans. TQMP publie des articles décrivant des méthodes quantitatives pour tous les champs de la psychologie et disciplines connexes. Plusieurs articles sont des tutoriels, mais la revue publie aussi des techniques nouvelles et innovantes. TQMP publie aussi des reproductions d’expériences et des acticles compagnons. Tous les articles publiés dans TQMP sont accessibles en libre accès (Sherpa RoMEO code vert). Le poste exige la maitrise de l’anglais; la suite de l’annonce est en anglais.

Job description

The Associate Editor will process articles received for consideration to TQMP by reading the manuscript, finding reviewers if needed, and writing action letters. The Associate Editor may also be invited to take on additional projects such as drafting and disseminating calls for special issues. The Associate Editor will work with the Editor, Denis Cousineau. The position is for 3 years (including a 6-months probationary period). Applicants must have a position relevant to research in quantitative methods and psychology and have experience publishing articles. The Associate Editor must have a strong and demonstrable interest in quantitative methods and have published some papers on that subject. Having published in TQMP in the past is an asset but is not mandatory.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

1. To engage in detailed editing of manuscripts submitted to the journal. The main purpose of TQMP is the transfer of technical knowledge and therefore, clarity of exposition must receive a strong focus from the Associate Editor. The Associate Editor may expect to receive one or two new manuscripts per month. A successful manuscript typically requires two rounds before it is accepted and is typically reviewed by two experts at least once. The rejection rate is currently 33%, 20% being rejected before being sent for reviews. An Associate Editor must be able to write clear action letters, summarizing the reviewers’ main concerns as well as his or her own. The action letters must be constructive, so that the authors receive specific and detailed orientations.

2. The Associate Editor will also contact PsycINFO to engage the process by which TQMP will be indexed in this database. TQMP is already indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ.org) and by CROSSREF through doi numbers. It is also member of the Open-Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA.org).

Rate of Pay

All Editors of TQMP are unpaid volunteers.


Please email the following items to Denis.Cousineau@uottawa.ca.
•    A short cover letter with your statement of interest
•    A copy of your CV
•    A sample of relevant articles published on quantitative methods or where quantitative methods play an important role in the article.

Closing Date

15th of December, 2016

For more information, contact Denis Cousineau, Editor, at denis.cousineau@uottawa.ca.