One-Year Post-Doctoral Opportunity, Workplace Well-Being

A 1-year postdoctoral position is currently available under the supervision of Dr. Alexandre J.S. Morin (Substantive-Methodological Synergy Research Laboratory; Concordia University), in partnership with Dr. Ann-Renee Blais (Department of National Defence; DND). This position is funded through the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research and involves conducting state-of-the art research on the workplace well-being (including its key drivers; e.g., job demands and resources), of military members and civilian personnel of the DND, a fruitful arena for future research and ongoing collaboration and publication. It will also involve advanced statistical modeling of the data, including –but not limited to- confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, latent profile analysis, and multilevel analysis. The postdoctoral fellow will thus have the opportunity to develop an expertise in the application of these advanced quantitative methods in the context of the supervision provided within the Substantive-Methodological Synergy Research Laboratory, and these new skills to a research project with the potential for a significant impact on the lives of DND personnel.

Interested candidates should directly contact Dr. Alexandre J.S. Morin:

Substantive-Methodological Synergy Research Laboratory
Department of Psychology, Concordia University
7141 Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4B 1R6
Phone: (+1) 514-848-2424 ext. 3533