Post-doc Position at University of Tours (France) ANR project: Psychological disengagement and self-esteem: a vicious cycle of dropping out of school?

A post doc position will be opened on 1st November 2019 (later starting date could be negotiated) at the laboratory PAVeA “Psychologie des Ages de la Vie et Adaptation”, Tours France. The position is an 8-months contract/ gross salary about 2 500€ monthly (net salary about 2 050€) for a full time offer. The position is funded by a grant from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

Research project
The general objective of the present program of research is to better understand how psychological disengagement operates as the first step of a process that may result in behavioural disengagement, that is, the act of dropping out of school. Indeed, school disengagement is likely to be conceived as a gradual process: Students first disengage psychologically and may eventually disengage behaviourally. Our research is based on the conviction that a better understanding of psychological disengagement from school will offer some clues on ways to interrupt the vicious cycle of dropping out of school. Our research rests upon the psychological disengagement model (PDM; Tougas et al., 2005). In the present program of research, we aim to improve the knowledge of the links between the experience of relative deprivation, psychological disengagement, different forms of self-esteem and cognitive performances (with both learning and academic tasks) at the crucial period of early- and mid-adolescence (during the secondary school years). Thus, this project will go beyond previous work on psychological disengagement by examining, in a first work package how this mechanism affects cognitive processes as well as different forms of self-esteem. In a second, we will examine two factors likely to increase the risk of psychological disengagement among youth from low socio-economic backgrounds. Finally, we will investigate two ways to prevent and reduce the psychological disengagement from academic achievement. This project is coordinate by Prof. Delphine Martinot (Université Clermont Auvergne, France) and benefits from a collaboration with Prof. Ann Beaton (University Moncton, Canada). The post doc take place at University of Tours and the research will be conducted in collaboration with Célia Maintenant (lecturer in developmental psychology) and Anne Taillandier-Schmitt (lecturer in social psychology), both full member of the laboratory Psychologie des Ages de la Vie et Adaptation, PAVeA-EA 2114.

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Needed for this position
• PhD in developmental or cognitive psychology
• Good French language skills (the candidate must be fluent in spoken and written French (interaction with schools’ directors, teachers, children).
• Appropriate English language skills to read scientific articles, write, and speak in scientific context.
• Excellent skills in statistical analyses, especially in structural equation modelling.
• Strong background in experimental psychology (i.e., experience with design and implementation of quantitative data collection and data analyses, with recruitment of participants and testing).
• Good management and organisational skills and ability to work both independently and within a team.

Complementary Experience that will be appreciated, but not compulsory
• Scientific background in social psychology
• Previous research experience in developmental and/or social psychology

Candidates are asked to submit:
• a curriculum vitae with publication list,
• copies of diploma,
• a letter that describe their research interests, experiences and motivation to apply for this position,
• and at least one professional reference letter

Applications can be submitted in French or in English to: ; the call remaining open until the position is fulfilled.
Interviews will take place in September 2019.