Preschool/Early School-Age Attachment Training Online Workshop

We are happy to announce that a video-based online training workshop in evaluating and coding attachment behavior of preschool and early school-age children will be held between December 7th and December 17th, 2020. The training will take place on Zoom.

This training is led by Dr. Jean-Francois Bureau, Professor Dept. of Psychology, University of Ottawa.  Dr Bureau has published important research articles in the field of preschool attachment including both mother-child and father-child relationships and conducted numerous trainings for both researchers and practitioners in the attachment field.

Participants include those wishing to seek accreditation in coding separation-reunion behavior for research purposes as well as clinicians wishing to develop expertise in the evaluation of attachment patterns. For example, past participants have included psychiatrists, psycho-educators and psychologists conducting evaluations before the courts, as well as researchers and research assistants. Participants will acquire expertise in the evaluation and classification of post-infancy disorganized/controlling attachment behavior as well as the secure, ambivalent/dependent, and avoidant attachment patterns. Training will focus on both on the traditional categorical classification system as well as on newly validated scales assessing attachment using continuous scores (Deneault, Bureau, Yurkowski, & Moss, 2020; Attachment and Human Dev, Doi: 10.1080/14616734.2019.1589546).

The workshop will take place from Monday December 7, 2020 to Thursday December 17, 2020. Monday to Thursday December 7 to 10, and Monday to Thursday December 14 to 17 are full training days, with a break from Friday December 11th to Sunday December 13th.  The cost of the workshop is $2780 (US funds). A rebate is available for professors and students of Canadian universities or employees of Canadian mental health institutions that will bring the price to $2,950 CAD. (eligibility application on training registration form).  The fee includes all taxes, training manuals, practice tapes and access to reliability accreditation on both categories and scales.

Enrollment is limited. In order to confirm your attendance, completion of the attached registration form and payment in full is required. Since there are already a number of confirmed participants, I urge you to confirm as soon as possible in order to guarantee your participation. Upon receipt of registration, information will be sent concerning housing.

Please address any questions to Dr. Jean-François Bureau: